Waseca VFW "Sweet-Sommers" Post 1642


Waseca County Veterans That Died on Active Duty

This page lists all of the Waseca County Veterans who were killed on active duty (If you see a name missing please contact the webmaster at [email protected])

World War I

YEAR DATE    NAME                                         RANK/BRANCH                     MIA/WIA/KIA               CEMETERY                                                          FROM

1918   15-Oct   Borgen, Andrew F.                     Pvt/Army                                WIA                               Meuse-Argonne Amer. Cem., Romagne, France     New Richland

1917   9-Apr    Boucher,Joseph Arthur "Arthur"   Pvt/Army & Pvt/Canadian Inf.    KIA                                Canadian Cem. #2,Neuville-Saint-Vaast, France    Waseca

1918   6-Oct    Frahman, John                          Pvt/Army                                 WIA/DOW                       Meuse-Argonne Amer. Cem., Romagne, France    Woodville Tp

1918   9-Oct    Groskreutz, William E.                Pvt/Army                                KIA                                 Somme Amer. Cem., Bong, France                      Vivian Tp.

1918   27-Oct   Hagen, George C.                     Pvt/Army                               WIA/DOW                        Meuse-Argonne Amer. Cem., Romagne, France    Bl. Grove Tp.

1918   16-Sep   Markham, Burt A.                     Pvt/USMC                              WIA/DOW                        St. Mihiel Amer. Cem., Thiaucourt, France           Janesville

1918   5-Aug   Morton, Frank E. (aka Morten)    PFC/Army                              MIA/KIA                           Tablets of the Missing at Aisne-Marne Amer.       Alma City  

1918   15-Oct  Newton, Floyd P.                      Pvt/Army                               KIA                                  West Lawn Cemetery, Glidden, IA                       Waldorf

1918   13-Oct  Sessing, Louis                          naval training                         DIS - flu                           St. Josephs Cemetery, East Bristol, WI Michigan

1916   8-Oct    Sill, Ransom                            Pvt 12th MN Inf/Pvt Can. Inf.   KIA                                  Regina Trench Cem., Grandcourt, France              Iosco

1918   1-Oct   Sweet, Raymond C.                   Pvt/Army                               KIA                                  Woodville, Waseca                                            Waseca

1918   24-Oct  Weakland, John P.                   Pvt/Army                                KIA                                 Meuse-Argonne Amer. Cem., Romagne, France     Waseca

1918   28-May Wilson, Leigh E.                       PFC/Army                              MIA/KIA                           Janesville Cem.(mkr),Tablets of the Missing         Janesville

1918   14-Mar Adams, Charles C.                     Pvt/Med.Corps                       DIS - pneum.                    Cedar Hill, Elysian                                             Elysian

1918   8-Apr   Christiansen, Ludwig                  Pvt/Army                              DIS - pneum.                     Crystal Lake Cemetery Mpls.

1918   30-Sep Conner, Lawrence J. (Connors)   Pvt/USMC                             DIS - disease                      St. Mary's(mkr), bur. In Brest, France                Freedom Tp

1918   5-Oct   Dagner (Degner), Henry C.        Pvt/Army                              DIS-flu/pneum                    Zoar's Ev. Lutheran Church                               Vivian Tp.

1918   19-Oct  Johnson, Conrad A.                  Pvt/Army                              DIS - flu N.                         Waseca Lutheran Cem., Blooming Grove            Bl. Grove Tp.

1918   5-Jan   Kaiser, William                          Pvt/Army                             DIS - pneum.                       St. Mary's Cemetery                                        Freedom Tp

1918   7-Oct   Kuehn, Ewald Richard                Pvt/Army                             DIS-flu/pneum                      St. John's Lutheran Cem., Iosco Tp.                 Iosco Tp.

1918   2-Oct   Mathews, John M.                     Pvt/Army                              DIS-flu/pneum                    St. Mary's Cemetery                                        Wilton Tp.

1918   5-Nov   Mull, Willard C.                         Pvt/Army                             DIS-flu/pneum                     White Bear, MN.                                             Janesville

1918   12-Dec  Neuman, Albert C. (Newman)    Pvt/Army                             DIS-flu/pneum                     St. Peter's Cemetery, New Richland                  New Richland

1918   9-Oct   Roeglin, August J.                     Pvt/Army                             DIS-flu/pneum                     Woodville, Waseca                                          Otisco Tp.

1918   1-Nov   Schmidt, Roy T. ("R.")              Pvt/Army                             DIS - flu?                            St. Clair Cemetery                                           Janesville

1918   28-Dec  Sommers, William F.                Pvt/Army                             DIS - pneum.                      Woodville, Waseca                                           Waseca

1918   15-Oct  Spoor, Frank                            Pvt/Army                            DIS-flu/pneum                     Cedar Hill, Elysian                                           Janesville Tp.

World War II


1944 Adams, Joseph F. Sgt/Army KIA in France Lorraine Amer. Cem., St. Avold, France New Richland

1945 Bakken, Glenn M. TSgt/Army KIA Battle of the Bulge LeSueur River Lutheran, New Richland New Richland

1944 Ballard, James D. MOMM2c/Navy MIA/KIA ship attacked by enemy unknown,Pacific Ocean, mkr-Woodville Waseca

Barry, Raymond L.

1944 Bartelmehs, Arthur A. Sgt/Army DOW tab of missing, Honolulu; mkr Janesville Cem. Janesville

1944 Benson, Robert M. Cpl/Army KIA in France Lorraine Amer. Cem., St. Avold, France ?

1944 Bolger, Gottlieb John 2nd Lt/AAF KIA over Germany Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Blue Earth Co., MN. ?

1944 Bolinger, Galen O. Sgt/Army KIA in France? Lorraine Amer. Cem., St. Avold, France ?

1946 Brockmiller, Harvey E. SSgt/AAC MIA/KIA Luhsien,China or Burma Arlington Nat'l Cem., mkr St John's Cem., Owatonna Meriden/Waseca

1944 Brown,Harold William (Wm.H) /USMC DIS died in training, N.Carolina Ft. Snelling Waseca

1944 Brown, Robert L. SSgt/Army KIA Czech Republic Calvary, Waseca Waseca

1945 Burmeister, Reuben B. T5/Army DIS killed while elec. wiring Netherlands Amer. Cem., Margraten, Netherlands Waldorf

1946 Buschow, Roy Stanley AMM2c/Navy MIA/KIA kamikaze attacked ship On Tablets of the Missing at Waseca

Pacific Ocean Manila Amer. Cem., Manila, Philippines

1945 Carlson, Richard A. PFC/Army KIA Italy Florence Amer. Cem., Florence, Italy Waseca

1945 Case, Eldon L. PFC/AAC KIA in battle in Germany Netherlands Amer.Cem.,Margraten, Netherlands Waseca

1943 Christenson, Neil W. TSgt/AAF KIA middle eastern area N. Africa Amer. Cem., Carthage, Tunisia New Richland

1943 Clayton, Orville F. GM3c/Navy MIA/KIA Invas. of Guadalcanal Woodville, Waseca (mkr), Tablets of the Missing, Waseca

Manila Amer. Cem., Manila, Philippines

1944 Collins, Leo James PFC/Army KIA Italy Calvary, Waseca Waseca

1945 Davis, Jack J. 1st Lt/136th Inf. KIA Luzon Luzon,Philippines - Manilla Amer. Cem. Meriden

1944 Deputy, Russell Lowell LtJg/AAF KIA plane crash, S. Pacific Tablets of Missing,Manila Amer Cem, Manila,Philippines Waseca

1944 Dunn, James A. Lt/USNR KIA Tab. Of Missing, Manila Amer Cem, Manila, Philippines Waseca

1945 Fischer, Howard A. PFC/Army KIA Battle of the Bulge, Belgium St. Olaf, New Richland New Richland

1944 Ganiere, George A. PFC/Army KIA Italy St. Peter's, New Richland New Richland

1944 Gleason, Leo F. Pvt/Army KIA Germany Calvary, Waseca Waseca

1945 Hagerman, Robert M. 1st Lt/AAF KIA Manilla Amer. Cemetery Janesville

1943 Halverson, Earnest F. Pvt/Army DNB drowned on duty in Alaska Woodville, Waseca Waseca

1943 Hatle, Herbert E. Sgt/Army KIA North Africa Hartland Cem.(mkr), N. Africa Amer. Cem., New Richland

Carthage, Tunisia

1945 Haug, Donald E. 1st Lt./AAC MIA/KIA over Austria On Tab. of the Missing, Epinal Amer.Cem,Epinal,France New Richland

1945 Hecht, Ronald R. Ensign/Navy Air Corps KIA shot down over Okinawa Immanuel United Meth., Bl. Grove Tp. Waseca

1944 Hillstrom, Marvin A. Pvt/Army KIA France Rock Island Nat'l Cem., Rock Island, Ill. Waseca Co.

1945 Hoversten, William T. SSgt/Paratroop. KIA on an ammo truck Netherlands Amer. Cem., Margaten, Netherlands Waseca

1944 Isker, Paul R. SSgt/AAC KIA Germany Woodville, Waseca Waseca

1942 Jordan, Wesley W. PFC/Army DOW Ft. Snelling Blue Earth Co.

1945 Kahnke, Lawrence E. CAR/NAC KIA dive bomber crash, Oreg. St. Ann's, Janesville Janesville

1944 Kampen, Henry C. MTSgt/USMC KIA Marianas Islands Woodville, Waseca Waseca

1943 Kanne, Lester B. Cpl/AAC KIA plane crash Texas Blooming Grove United Methodist Waseca Co.

1943 Kastning, Wayne W. Sgt/AAC DNB ? Trinity Lutheran Church Cemetery, Welcome, MN. Waseca

1944 Kelleher, Kenneth E. PFC/USA/AAC POW/MIA/KIA captur./Rehlingen, Germ. Calvary, New Richland New Richland

1944 Kiesler, George E. 2nd Lt/USA/AAC KIA plane crash Munich, Germ. Woodville, Waseca Waseca

1944 Kratz, Leonard Charles Tec 4/Army KIA France Woodville, Waseca Waseca

1945 Larson, Helmer W. T5/Army WIA/DOW WIA Germany, DOW England Vista Lutheran, New Richland Otisco Tp.

1944 Lust, David S. (C.?) Cook/Navy DIS hemorrhage Arlington Nat'l Cemetery Alma City

1943 Lust, Freeman Vinton Ship's Cook/Navy DOW Pearl Harbor Alma City Cemetery Alma City

1943 Lynch, Paul A. Cpl/Army KIA Tunisia, N. Africa St. Mary's, Waseca Waseca

1944 Madden, Thomas Leo Sgt/USMC KIA Saipan St. Mary's, Waseca Waldorf

1955 Madigan, John A. MSgt/AAF DIS auto accident, Germany Woodville, Waseca Waseca

1945 Mann, George K. ARM3c/Navy MIA/KIA plane landed in rough Tablets of the Missing, Manila Amer. Cem., Waseca

sea,bombing near Luzon Manila, Philippines

1945 McGrath, Francis J. Gunn.Sgt/USMC KIA Iwo Jima Golden Gate Nat'l Cemetery, California Waseca

1944 Miller, Uriah W. 1st Lt/AAC MIA/KIA MIA over Rouen, France Epinal Amer. Cem., Epinal, France Waseca

1943 Muller, Richard E. SSgt/Army DIS ? St. John's Cemetery, Owatonna, MN. Steele/Waseca Co.

1944 Nolan, John M. 1st Lt/USMC AC MIA/KIA Pacific St. Ann's, Janesville (mkr), Tablets of the Missing Janesville

Honolulu Memorial, Honolulu, Hawaii

1943 Oestreich, Kenneth J. SSgt/AAC DIS B-24 bomber crash Arizona Woodville, Waseca Waseca

1944 Oftedahl, Ernest . SSgt/Army WIA/DOW near Bastogne Luxembourg Amer.Cem, Luxembourg City, Pemberton


1944 Palas, Donald H. 2nd Lt/USMCR DIS Jacksonville, Florida Woodville, Waseca Meriden

1945 Paulson, Paul H. Pvt/AAC MIA/KIA radio gunner on B17 shot Tablets of the Missing, Manila Amer. Cem., Otisco

down near New Guinea Manila, Philippines

1944 Peterson, Emery H. PFC/Army WIA/DOW New Guinea Vista Covenant, New Richland (mkr) New Richland

Manila Amer. Cem., Manila, Philippines

1943 Peterson, Glenn A. PFC/Army KIA North Africa N. Africa Amer. Cem., Carthage, Tunisia Waseca

1944 Pitcher, Harry C. Tec 5/Army DIS ? Lura Cemetery, Easton, MN. Wilton Tp.

1944 Pitcher, Henry H. PFC/Army KIA Normandy, France Brittany Amer. Cem., St. James, France ?

1944 Robran, Delmer D.H. "Elmer" PFC/Army MIA/KIA North Africa Woodville, Waseca Waseca

1942 Rohlfsen, Oliver H. SM1c/Navy MIA/KIA ship torpedoed/exploded Cape Horn Lost at sea. On Tablets of Missing,N.Africa Amer Cem Waseca

Carthage, Tunisia. Mkr Ft. Snelling

1945 Root, Charles F. Pvt/Army KIA Okinawa St. Peter's, New Richland New Richland

1945 Root, Rodney R. Sgt./Army KIA France Epinal Amer. Cem., Epinal, France,mkr Riverside Cem., Medford

Medford, MN.

1944 Rudolph, Warren H. Sgt/AAF KIA in England Woodville, Waseca (mkr), Nat'l Cem, New Richland

New Albany, Ind.

1944 Strobel, Arthur F. PFC/USMC KIA ? Ft. Snelling Waseca

1944 Strong, Boyd T. PFC/USMCR KIA Saipan? Nat'l Amer. Cem. Of the Pacific, Honolulu, Hawaii Waseca

1945 Szyszka, Walter Pvt/Army WIA/DOW Alsace,Lorraine Calvary, Waseca Waseca

1944 Thiel, Maurice H. Pvt/Parachute Inf. KIA in Holland St. Peter's, New Richland New Richland

1945 Vanderheiden, Rev. Joseph G. Chaplain/Capt/USAF POW/KIA on board Jap. prison ship which Calvary, Waseca (mkr), buried at sea, listed on Waseca

was sunk Subic Bay, Manilla Tablets of the Missing, Manilla Amer. Cem.

1943 Wadd, Edgar C. PFC/Army KIA Italy North Waseca Lutheran Bl. Grove Tp.

1942 Walledom, Melvin C. Ensing/USNR KIA airplane crash,Pacif.fleet St. Olaf, New Richland New Richland

1944 Wallin, John H. PFC/Army KIA Italy Ft. Snelling Calif/lodger-N.R.

1944 Webber, Raymond R. Sgt/Army KIA France Epinal Amer. Cem., Epinal, France Waseca

1945 Werner, Fred TSgt/Army DIS illness resulting from being German Peace United Church of Christ Cem., Blue Earth Co. Vivian Tp.

POW, died in England

1945 Wiebold, Martin W. Cpl/AAC DIS pneumonia, New Mexico St. John Lutheran Cemetery, Good Thunder Janesville

1945 Wood, Henry S. Pvt/Army KIA gunshot wound in chest, Belgium Woodville, Waseca Waseca

Korean War


1950 Brady, Kenneth E. Cpl/USMC KIA in Korea Calvary, New Richland Byron Tp.

1950 Jensen, Gordon W. PFC/Army KIA battle, Kumgong-ni,South Korea Sakatah, Waterville Iosco Tp.

1951 Otteson, Eugene L. Sgt/Army MIA/KIA Chipyong-ni, South Korea whereabouts unknown,not recovered, mkr at 1st Lutheran New Richland

Ellendale, also listed on Honolulu Memorial

1954 Peterson, Norman W. A2c/USAF MIA/KIA aircraft lost on mission-N.Korea whereabouts unknown, not recovered Waseca

Vista Evang. Covenant, New Richland (mkr)

1950 Sutlief, Charles T. Pvt/Army MIA/KIA South Korea St. Peter's, New Richland Waseca

1951 Wright, Richard E. PFC/Army KIA South Korea Woodville, Waseca Waseca

1952 Furr, Robert E. PFC/Army DIS accident/South Korea Calvary, Waseca Waseca

1955 Madigan, John A. MSgt/AAF KIS auto accident, Germany Woodville, Waseca Waseca

1953 Turner, Russell E. Sgt1c/Boat Co. DIS LaRochelle, France Woodville, Waseca Waseca



1967 Fasnacht, David A. SSgt/USAF KIA rocket attack, DaNang AFB Calvary Cemetery, Madison Lake Janesville

1968 Schultz, David C. PFC/Army KIA TayNinh Province, Vietnam Woodville, Waseca Waseca

1964 Splett, Warren E. Airman ATRAN/Navy KIA airplane crash, Clark AFB,Philippines St. Peter's, New Richland New Richland

1971 Allen, Dennis E. SSgt/Army DIS car accident enroute to Ft. Leonard Wood, MO Woodville, Waseca Waseca

1965 Gehring, Francis E. Pfc/Army DIS auto accid., Amherst,VA Calvary, Waseca Waseca

1966 Ingram, John C. LCpl/USMC DIS auto accid., by Clear Lake, Waseca Calvary, Waseca Waseca

1973 Schmitz, Steven L. Am1c/USAF DIS at El Segundo AFB, CA Calvary, Waseca Waseca

Global War on Terror

YEAR            DATE        NAME                        WAR        RANK/BRANCH       MIA, etc.         CAUSE/LOCATION                        CEMETERY                 FROM

2005             8-Jun        Fasnacht, Michael J.    OIF          1st Lt/Army               KIA                  roadside bombing near Tikrit, Iraq    St. Ann's, Janesville    Janesville/Mankato

2014             28-Feb      Erickson, Caleb L.       OEF          Cpl/USMC                 KIA                   suicide bomber-Afghanistan            Woodville, Waseca      Waseca


YEAR    NAME                    RANK/BRANCH            MIA/WIA/DIS/KIA       CAUSE/LOCATION                            CEMETERY                                        FROM

1978     Ewert, Lanny L.       Capt/USAF                     DIS                                 aircraft accid.,Little Rock AFB, Ark.       First Lutheran, Waldorf                     Waldorf

1956     Tesch, Marlyn G.      Pvt/Army                      DIS                                  drowning, Ft. Lee, VA.                        First Lutheran, Waldorf                     Waldorf

1987     Peterson, William J.  Sgt/Army                      DIS                                  army veh. crash, Thessaloniki, Greece  St. Joseph's Community, Waldorf       Waldorf

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